live through namaste

there once was a girl who found dance and thought her life was complete, then she found yoga and through both she found self-worth

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I really just want to do normal people stuff like sit in his car and talk, or go to a movie and hope he doesnt talk through it, or go skydiving. I’m emotionally incapable of just pollinating, my heart wasn’t made for that.

I dont like diamonds
I dont like ultimatums
I dont like ass-holes who deserved to be punched
¤those are different from ass-holes like me¤
I dont like stupidity because unlike ignorance which is a natural occurance stupidity is a choice
I dont like boys who sag its ugly and if you dont understand where the concept came from you’ll probably end up there but honestly I hope you dont… so dont sag
I dont like anything that has to do with people going places and events that are significant or even sacred to another religious, ethnic, etc group just to be cute and having no intent to respect or learn anything about its significant, its not cute its stupid and if you you dont know my feelings towards stupidity look at point 4
Anyways I do like unicorns, black fish is not just some conspiracy theory, the navy does kill marine life with the technology needed for sonar mapping(I have relatives who were in the navy), and mermaids are real. Unlike most people who dont know too much about both science and religion and put one above the other I would think twice about what my preference is the next time I spoke because the things you’ll learn from your basic elementary astronomy class will just spit out many of what lots of people choose to call “fake, false, and idiotic” stories so guess what while many of you with these beliefs who claim to be open minded but are truly stuck on believing Greece was the first civilization remember science tells us that life started under water and in africa, the great flood did happen(thanks noah) we did whether, as what we know as our species or not, live under water as mammals just like dolphins but not, and just like in the bible science knows that one way will go is in fire. And before we all run around thinking we’re the biggest things around just go google Higgs Boson and dark matter

I like anyone who believes that anything is possible

¤throws phone at wall when she finally gets a reply¤

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We live that flower power thug life
This was one of the best birthdays ever thank you guys so much for making it so fantastic and flower crown worthy #christmascrewforever #morganfreemanisjacobinthemovie #fundogmillionare #strawberryroses



Snapped backstage: our newest principal Alexander Skarsgard clocks in for Company Class…
Via Maria Kochetkova’s Instagram

hey that’s me ahahahah

Why is Skarsgard hanging out so much at the ballet? She posted another photo with him some days back. Ahhhhh, I’ve always loved him on True Blood, and this just makes him extra awesome.




Diana Vishneva

omg what is this? It’s so cool!!

her body looks a little different but it’s still super cool

Apparently it’s made by this guy and it’s 3D art.

Thank you google image search. <3